Want To Learn Italian?

Maybe you would like to watch an Italian movie at our next Ballarat Italian Film Festival without subtitles?

Maybe you’re preparing to dust off your passport with the smell of international travel in the air and head to Tuscany for well-deserved wine amongst the rolling hills of sunshine?

Maybe you are wanting to complete that new years resolution to learn a new language?

If this sounds like you, then the Ballarat Italian Association may have your answer.

The Ballarat Italian Association currently offers Italian Language & Culture Classes for students wanting to study the Italian language. We cater to all levels from beginners to advanced, usually during the School Terms.

If you are interested in becoming a student, can we please request you to complete our Languages Questionnaire form via this LINK. As classes are limited in capacity, completing this form will assist us in understanding your current level of Italian Language. After completing this form our Language and Culture Class coordinator will contact you to follow up in due course.

For any other details please email: language@ballaratitalianassociation.org