June 2, 2022
    9:00 am - 10:00 am


Queen Victoria Memorial [Opposite Town Hall], 225 Sturt Street, BALLARAT, Victoria, 3350, Australia


Please be advised that due to unforeseen circumstances the City of Ballarat have advised the flagpole at the Queen Victoria Memorial is temporarily out of commission due to sustained damage in recent days.

Considering this, the City of Ballarat has kindly made a room available for the festivities to continue. The bonus is that given the chance of snow, it will now be inside ?

In the spirit of Festa Della Republica, the BIA still have tickets available to join our celebration event this Saturday 4th June from 5.30pm. Get your tickets HERE

Ballarat Town Hall
225 Sturt Street, Ballarat 3350.
Level 1 | Reception Room (Lift Access Available)
City of Ballarat Contact Ph: 03 5320 5500.

Smarter Parking is now in operation in the Ballarat CBD. Don’t forget – the first hour of parking is automatically free when you put your registration number into the Smarter Parking meter or use the CellOPark app.

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Caio a tutti [Hello all]

Come along and join the Ballarat Italian Association at 9am on 2nd June 2022, as we celebrate Festa Della Republica [Italian Republic Day] with a Flag Raising Ceremony at Queen Victoria Memorial, opposite the Town Hall, organised by the Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Ballarat.

The Flag will be raised by Ballarat’s very own Cavaliere, Ugo Loiacono, Secretary of Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Ballarat.

To continue the celebration, the BIA is holding their annual event on Saturday 4th June 2022 starting at 5.30pm, get you tickets HERE.

Please share this far and wide within your family, friends & networks ?


Italian Republic Day, also widely known as ‘Festa della Repubblica’ for Italians, is nationally celebrated in Italy on June 2, every year. The historical day commemorates the institutional referendum of 1946 when Italians were called to take a vote and decide the form of their government after World War II. With a flood of votes, they chose to be a republic with a constituent assembly and sent the kingdom to exile. So, on this day, a massive celebration takes place in the city of Rome to celebrate the creation of the Italian Republic.


It all began after the fall of the fascist regime in Italy, supported by the House of Savoy for more than 20 years. The House of Savoy was a royal dynasty established in 1003, which gradually grew from a family in power to a massive kingdom with absolute rule.

Following the fall and the end of World War II, a referendum was announced by universal suffrage in 1946, to be held on June 2 and June 3. The Italian public gathered to vote for their form of government — for either a monarchy or a republic. On June 10, it was revealed that 45% of voters had chosen the monarchy, whereas 54% of Italians wanted a republic. The results were clear — Italians ushered in a new chapter of freedom, as declared by the Court of Cassation, and exiled the male members of the royal family — the House of Savoy. The country adopted a new constitution on January 1, 1948, making Italy a unitary parliamentary republic with a permanent ban on the monarchy to ever rule the country again.

Every year, June 2 is commemorated with official ceremonies, speeches, concerts, and parades across the country, with a hallmark military parade celebration taking place in the capital city of Rome that is broadcast worldwide and can be enjoyed by all. Celebrations take place at Italian embassies all around the world as well, characterized by flag hoisting, painting faces red, green, and white, and going on Italian picnics. Another highlight of the day is the flyover by the Frecce Tricolori. Many aircraft soar through the Italian skies, releasing streaks of white, green, and red smoke. It’s a beautiful sight to see!